IRS Claims 91.5% Conviction Rate on Tax Prosecutions

The IRS’ Criminal Investigation Division prosecutes tax crimes, including failure to file tax returns, tax and fraud evasion, identity theft, refund fraud, cybercrimes and money laundering.  In the fiscal year 2017, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division initiated 3,019 criminal cases. …

December 06, 2018


Court Grants Partial Innocent Spouse Relief to Ex-Wife

In a recent case, the ex-wife brought suit against the IRS claiming that she was an innocent spouse related to her tax liability for 2009.  During that year, the husband operated an air conditioning business.  Although the wife was listed…

December 02, 2018


Tax Protester’s Arguments Rejected by the Court

In a recent case, the IRS filed suit against a taxpayer to reduce its claim to judgment, to foreclose upon its tax liens and to collect tax liabilities assessed against the taxpayer.  In response, the taxpayer argued that he is…

November 27, 2018


Taxpayer Argues That Expired Collection Statute of Limitation Bars the IRS from Collecting

The IRS typically has ten years from the date the tax is assessed to collect that liability from a taxpayer.  There are certain things that extend the collection statute of limitation, such as asking the IRS to grant an installment…

November 25, 2018


U.S. Tax Court Grants Attorney’s Fees to Taxpayer

In a recent case before the United States Tax Court, an attorney, who also ran a thoroughbred horse-breeding and racing activity, demanded that the IRS pay his attorney’s fees related to litigation in the United States Tax Court.  The attorney…

November 22, 2018


Taxpayer’s Reliance on his Attorney and Accountant not Sufficient, Penalties Sustained

A taxpayer and his two siblings sold their concrete business for approximately $30 million, and the taxpayer’s share was approximately $7 million.  As you can imagine, the tax bill on $7 million substantial.  In order to offset the huge tax…

November 20, 2018


Wrongfully Incarcerated Individuals Receive Refund Extension

If you were wrongfully incarcerated and received a monetary award in connection with your incarceration and paid tax it, you may be entitled to a refund of those taxes. Under the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, a wrongfully incarcerated individual…

November 16, 2018


IRS Trouble Solvers™ Cuts Deal with Illinois Department of Revenue on Huge Sales Tax, Income Tax Bill

IRS Trouble Solvers is pleased to announce a groundbreaking Offer in Compromise with the Illinois Department of Revenue related to unpaid sales tax and unpaid Illinois withholding income tax. Our client ran two businesses which both subsequently failed. One business…

November 12, 2018


How Does the Government Spend my Tax Money?

The average family pays about $10,000.00 to the IRS in taxes every year.  But how does the government spend that money?  Approximately 29% goes to the military, 29% goes to healthcare including Medicaid and Medicare, 14% goes to interest on…

October 22, 2018


Lawmakers Told that IRS Needs Additional Funding to Implement New Tax Law

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that the IRS has endured substantial cuts in its budget which, in turn, has caused a substantial reduction in the level of services it can provide. Worse yet, the…

October 19, 2018

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