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Thank You For Resolving My Tax Issues

Thanks for your help in resolving any tax issues with the IRS.  In this situation, it was good for us to know someone who knew the ins and outs with the IRS.  But more importantly, it was good to know…

April 11, 2013

Due To An Illiness

Due to an illness, I was forced to step in and take over a family member’s business. What I had not expected to find was a massive IRS debt. They were ready to close down the business because of a…

April 11, 2013

You Made A Daunting Situation Become Manageable

I would like to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having my back when dealing with our IRS problems. The IRS is probably by far the most intimidating body of people to be…

March 25, 2013

Received Back The Amount Levied With A Refund

We would like to express our gratitude to Rob Rush of Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates for his superb professionalism in handling of our tax issues. Given the plethora of tax help advertising currently on the radio and in other…

March 21, 2013

Trying To Negotiate With The IRS Directly Was Extremely Frustrating

It is with great relief that I write to thank you for all your help settling our IRS tax debt.   When we first received the notice from the IRS informing us that we made a huge mistake in filing our…

February 14, 2013

Rob Rush Saved Me Over $10,000

We had  tax liabilities in excess of $20,000. We attempted to work directly with the IRS, but became frustrated by their unreasonable demands and actions that we perceived to be unethical. We turned the matter over to our CPA, who…

February 07, 2013

Rob Rush Was Able to Negotiate An Affordable Payment Plan

I had a dissolved business with a huge tax liability that I ended up being fully responsible for personally.  Rob Rush was able to negotiate an affordable payment plan and consult me on exactly how and when to pay it….

February 05, 2013

A Group Of Professionals That Get The Job Done

I was introduced to Patrick Sheehan and his team through our corporate attorney. Our organization had accumulated several tax issues and as the President of the company I was facing potentially serious professional and personal liabilities. During out first meeting…

February 05, 2013

As a Professional They Saved Me Precious Time and Precious Money

I have been a client of this firm since 2008.  At that time  I had found my office staff member had not been doing the job of managing all my accounts and tax payments and notices. When I discovered the…

January 24, 2013

Recommended To Anyone With Serious Tax Issues

I recommend the Patrick T. Sheehan law firm to future clients for the following reasons. The Sheehan law firm gets back in touch with potential clients and returns inquiries from current clients quickly. From other firms I received belated responses…

January 10, 2013

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