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Even Nicholas Cage Can Have Tax Problems!

Anybody can have tax problems, from the average man or woman on the street to the very rich and famous. According to a recently filed IRS Release of Federal Tax Lien, actor Nicholas Cage paid or otherwise satisfied an IRS…

April 06, 2012

Learn More About The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Our husband and wife taxpayers owned and operated a business that subsequently failed. They had employees to help them run their business. Unfortunately, they did not pay the employment taxes for the business to the IRS. The IRS subsequently proposed…

April 05, 2012

Beware of untrained or poorly trained tax return preparers!


April 04, 2012

Businessman Criminally Charged for Failure to Pay Employment Taxes

The President of a computer software development company was criminally charged by the Department of Justice on July 2, 2010, for failing to pay to the IRS his employee’s withholding from Social Security, Medicare and federal income taxes. Jon Eisenhower,…

July 07, 2010

Attorney Patrick Sheehan Negotiates Installment Agreement With Low Monthly Payments

Attorney Patrick T. Sheehan today negotiated an installment agreement on behalf of a client for $521.00 per month on a liability that was initially greater than $40,000.00. The IRS had filed tax returns on behalf of the taxpayer for 2001,…

June 09, 2010

Defaulted Installment Agreement Renegotiated, Reinstated

A former client for whom we previously negotiated an installment agreement found himself in trouble again when he could not pay the liability listed on his 2009 1040 income tax return. Attorney Patrick Sheehan previously negotiated an installment agreement in…

June 08, 2010

Attorney Patrick Sheehan Saves Thousands for Client

Attorney Patrick T. Sheehan saved thousands of dollars for a client today. The IRS previously filed a tax return for our client because he did not file one on his own. The tax return filed by the IRS was wrong…

April 07, 2010

Attorney Rob Rush Negotiates Affordable Installment Agreement

Attorney Robert Rush today negotiated an installment agreement for our client with the IRS with affordable monthly payments. Our client owes $98,000.00 to the IRS. The IRS demanded monthly payments in the amount of $5,000.00, an amount our client simply…

April 06, 2010

Raymond Gaynor Scores Huge Win in IRS Audit – Saves Client $201,000

Attorney Raymond Gaynor today saved a client over $201,000.00 with an incredible win in an IRS audit. In the audit the IRS had proposed a liability of nearly $203,000.00 for our small business owner, a financially devastating liability by any…

March 24, 2010

Raymond Gaynor saves $237,000 for a client

Attorney Raymond Gaynor today saved $237,000.00 for a client by negotiating an Offer in Compromise. An Offer in Compromise is where you “cut a deal” with the IRS. In this case, the liability in issue stemmed from employment taxes related…

March 19, 2010

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