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IRS Employee Interviews Reveal More about who is Responsible for Tea Party Targeting

With the allegations flowing about the recent Cincinnati IRS employee Tea Party screenings, there are new turns in the case. Originally, it was reported that there was singling out of Tea Party Groups or conservative organizations specifically from Cincinnati, Ohio….

June 03, 2013

French Tax Rates Take the Cake

France’s government has recorded taxing over 8,000 French households more than 100% of their income. This is the result of an attempt to “offset the cost of a rebate scheme and taxation cap” that was implemented by former President Nikolas…

May 20, 2013

Notice of Deficiency

A corporation is recognized as a “separate person” under the law.  But what happens if the corporation is not in good standing with the Secretary of State when it is required to take action? In a recent Tax Court case,…

May 13, 2013

IRS Sends Apology for Targeting Conservative Groups

An article posted on BigStory.ap.org talks about an apology that the IRS has issued, saying that they are sorry for targeting conservative groups. The IRS had been singling out organizations based on keywords used in their application such as “tea…

May 10, 2013

Lauren Hill Sentenced to Jail Time

Singer and actress Lauryn Hill was sentenced to prison on May 6, 2013, for not reporting more than $2.3 million in income by intentionally failing to file tax returns for five years.  Ms. Hill failed to file tax returns for…

May 10, 2013

Former IRS Manager Pleads Guilty to Illegal Conflict of Interest

Former IRS attorney Jeanne L. Gavin aged 61, of Louisiana admitted and pleads guilty to illegally opening her own tax and accounting business which posed a criminal conflict of interest. Upon opening her tax and accounting business she unlawfully had…

May 02, 2013

We Make Sure You Are Treated Fairly

Asking the IRS for relief from unpaid taxes and penalties is more than just a simple request.  There are guidelines and laws that the IRS must follow. Unfortunately, the IRS does not always follow the laws or does not apply…

April 26, 2013

Stay Informed About Statutes of Limitations

If you or your business has had unpaid tax liability due to the IRS for many years, at some point in time the IRS may not be able to legally collect the liability from you.  The collection statute of limitation…

April 26, 2013

An Offer In Compromise

An Offer in Compromise is where you cut a deal with the IRS and pay less than what you owe.  In a recent case, our client’s liability was over $97,000.00.  We successfully negotiated an Offer in Compromise  with the IRS…

April 25, 2013

If the IRS is Trying to Collect Money From You, Call Us!

Has your incorporated business fallen behind on its bills, including withholding taxes due to the IRS?  If yes, the IRS can personally assert the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty against the owners, officers, shareholders or other responsible parties of the corporation. …

April 25, 2013

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