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IRS Awarded $50 Million to Whistleblowers in 2013

The IRS paid approximately $50 million in whistleblower awards in fiscal 2013, the second highest year in the history of IRS awards. The IRS whistleblower program pays awards to people that turn in taxpayers to the IRS.  However, many steps…

February 24, 2014

Notice of Federal Tax Lien Can Affect Your Job

A management consultant had unpaid 1040 liability due to the IRS.  Wanting to make right with the IRS, he petitioned and was granted an installment agreement. In addition to granting the installment agreement, the IRS also filed a Notice of…

February 19, 2014

20 Serious Tax Problems

The IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service recently issued a list of the 20 most serious problems encountered by taxpayers.  The list includes: Taxpayer rights Identity theft Improper levies Return preparer fraud Improper collection practices Improper penalties This list of the 20…

February 05, 2014

Beanie Babies Billionaire Sentenced for Tax Evasion

Are you old enough to remember Beanie Babies, a late 1980s stuffed animal craze? The creator of Beanie Babies, H. Ty Warner, was recently sentenced to two years of probation and 500 hours of community service for tax evasion.  Warner…

January 28, 2014

Concerned That Your Tax Return Will Be Audited?

Are you concerned that your tax return will be audited? Unless your tax return contains substantial errors or takes a position contrary to law, the odds of the IRS auditing your federal Form 1040 tax return are less than 1.0%….

January 21, 2014

Do you think that the IRS should formally implement a taxpayer bill of rights?

Although certain taxpayer rights are codified in the Internal Revenue Code, law and custom, neither Congress nor the IRS has codified a formal, separate bill of rights in order to further protect taxpayers. Congress could implement a formal taxpayer bill…

January 17, 2014

Security Clearance and IRS Tax Debt

According to a recent government report, approximately 8,400 people with federal security clearance, including secret and top-secret clearances, owed approximately $85,000,000.00 to the IRS as of June 30, 2012. According to the report, approximately 6,300 of these individuals accrued the…

January 08, 2014

IRS Auctions Off Darryl Strawberry’s NY Mets Annuity

Darryl Strawberry had a successful career and a contract extension with the New York Mets that involved a $7 million dollar post-career deal deferred with monthly payout over 30 years. However, the Internal Revenue Service is auctioning off the right to…

January 02, 2014

Can My Criminal Tax Conviction Cause the IRS to Reject My Offer in Compromise?

Do you remember the Isley brothers? Ronald Isley was convicted of tax evasion and willful failure to file tax returns in the 1990s and was sentenced to prison and probation.  The IRS subsequently attempted to collect Isley’s unpaid tax liability…

December 23, 2013


What If I Can’t Pay the IRS

What if I can’t pay my taxes? What happens when you can’t make any payments to the IRS at all? If we can demonstrate to the IRS that you have no present ability to pay, then they’ll deem you temporarily uncollectable….

December 18, 2013

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