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IRS Can Issue a Temporary Restraining Order

Do you owe money to the IRS? Do you have sufficient money or assets to pay the IRS liability in full but don’t intend to do so? In that event, the IRS may seek a Temporary Restraining Order against you….

May 22, 2014

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Tax Tips for New Businesses

Congratulations! You are the proud parent of a bouncing baby business! You took the plunge, you did it, you own a business. Well, just like parenthood, both have their rewards, but both also provide a new level of work and…

May 15, 2014

Illinois Progessive Tax Proposal Stall

Recently, the Illinois’ progressive tax proposal was not even introduced in time to be be considered for vote on the November ballot.  While a spokesman for the primary group advocating for a progressive tax called the proposal not making the November…

May 08, 2014

Corporate Tax Rates Nationwide and Illinois Tax Reform

The Tax Foundation released a great map of the US with the corporate tax rates, proving Illinois is in need of tax reform. This shows that Illinois falls towards the top with the 4th highest corporate tax rate in the…

May 06, 2014

How Much Did You Spend Filing Your Taxes This Year?

According to recent statistics, taxpayers spend 7.7 billion hours annually to comply with the April 15, 2014 tax filing deadline. They fill out 897 different IRS Forms in order to do so. Time is money. And every hour each American…

April 29, 2014

TurboTax Grassroots Campaign Complicates the Simplification

Recently, the makers of TurboTax were linked to a ‘grassroots’ campaign against free, simple tax filing. See this Propublica article here. The Internal Revenue Code is a terribly complicated document, so much so that it has created an incestuous desire among…

April 29, 2014

Affordable Care Act Will Change 2014 Itemized Tax Deductions

Are you prepared to itemize? Even if you haven’t itemized your deductions ever, 2014 might be the year to plan to do so. If you haven’t itemized yet, you aren’t alone. According to the TaxFoundation.org, most people earning under $75,000…

April 24, 2014

Lowest Chance of IRS Audit in Years

Everyone is scrambling to get their taxes filed on time, by today really. Some of you will file an extension, some of you will pay a penalty for not filing an extension and the rest of you, the good law…

April 15, 2014

Attorney Praises Sheehan on Representation

Patrick Sheehan is an exceptional human being and a top 1% attorney with extraordinary expertise in tax law. He, and his team of expert attorneys, provided me with exceptional advice and much needed help after my parents died and we…

April 09, 2014

Referring Attorney Appreciates Our Work

Dealing with the IRS on a daily basis is exactly what we do. We don’t prepare tax returns and we don’t practice in other areas of law. Although there are a lot of attorneys and accountants out there, most of…

April 07, 2014

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