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The law firm of Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates represents
individuals and businesses before the Internal Revenue
Service (IRS) and the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDR).
Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates, Attorneys at Law, P.C.,
has successfully resolved tax problems for individuals and
businesses since the Firm's inception in 1991.

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Tax Solutions for Individuals

If you have one of these issues:

Call us.  We can help.  Call us before the IRS calls you!®

Tax Solutions for Businesses

The burdens the government place upon businesses is tremendous and often difficult to handle.  This can result in confusion, unpaid payroll taxes, unpaid sales taxes, penalties and interest.

If you have unfiled business tax returns or unpaid tax liabilities, or if you are facing liens, levies or the threat of IRS seizure, call us.  We can help.  Call us before the IRS calls you!®